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Building Your Own Home Amplifiers and Subwoofers - A DIY Guide

Audio Amplifier

In many home entertainment systems that have surround speakers, subwoofers and home amplifiers are essential to get the best sound quality through increased sound volume and bass. Amplifiers can also be used with electric guitars, bass and other musical instruments. To some people who are on a budget and really have no extra money to buy amplifiers or subwoofers, the only obvious option would be to make their own subwoofers or amplifiers. A DIY or do it yourself project involving amplifiers or subwoofers is not really that hard, as long as you have the perfect building plans, the right tools, and of course the appropriate skills to do the job.

Having some basic wood crafting or woodworking skills can really give you the edge in building your own home audio amplifiers and subwoofers. If you have no skill in woodworks at all, then perhaps you should consider training or practicing before you decide to build your own subwoofers or home audio amplifiers. You do not want to screw up this little project because of mistakes. You might end up spending more on parts and equipments alone. Instead of saving money, your knee deep in building costs; and that will not be good. If, on the other hand, you may have experience in building cabinets or shelves, then an amplifier or subwoofer project will not be that far out your skill level.

Before you start your own DIY project, you need to first collect the right tools and materials that you will need. A table saw, jigsaw, measuring materials such as a measuring tape and a carpenter's square is required. A jointer or router may also be needed, if you wish to join your edges, or wood glue and wood screws may suffice as well. You will also need solid plywood sheets in oak or birch, and a medium density fiberboard or MDF board.

When it comes to design, you will need a good home audio amplifier and subwoofer building plan. You can find a lot of designs in the internet. A typical subwoofer and amplifier is just a wooden box with a cutout for the speaker and an access section in the opposite side. You need to realize that the performance of your homemade amplifier and subwoofer will greatly depend on the design of the speaker box. The design of the speaker box is almost as important as the hardware you will be putting inside it.

When building the speaker box for your subwoofer and home amplifiers, you have to first measure the size of your speaker to determine how big your speaker box has to be. With your measuring and cutting tools, you than have to put together the plywood sheets into a cabinet-like box that will house the speaker that you will be using. Make sure that you carefully follow the instructions stated in your DIY guide, especially when it comes to the appropriate spacing of the speaker inside the box. You can use your router or jointer, or if you prefer your wood glue and wood screws, to join the edges of your box together. When it comes to the amplifier, you need to follow the instructions of the guide to the letter to avoid any unnecessary mishaps.