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Join our Community of Geeks

Elex Project is an online community for electronics hobbyists, enthusiasts, and engineers where people can share knowledge about electronics. In this website, people can register for an account to become a member and post blogs, articles, and projects.

As a member, you can post blogs or something that you'd like to share, like knowledge of a simple electronics component work or how you came into tinkering some electronic devices. Members can also share some knowledge on basic circuit theory.

If you have in depth knowledge about how stuff works (like good knowledge in OpAmps and Microncontrollers). You can create an article for that and share that knowledge to other members.

If you've build an electronics project, you may share the steps on how you go unto building that project. You can upload some pictures, circuits or diagrams, and videos for the completed project.

We also have a Community Forum where members can ask questions or get some help on their project. The forum is also great for students who needs help on their assignments. Got problem on how to troubleshoot an electronic device? Post your questions on the forum and get some helpful tips or advice from other members.

So, come along and join us in our community. Create an account and lets build some cool projects!

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