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Auto-reply to SMS messages using Arduino and a SIM900 SMS/GPRS module

In this project, we are going to make a device that will reply to SMS messages once it's received. We will be using an Arduino Uno and a SIM900 SMS/GPRS module.

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Display Temperature using a Seven Segment LED, an Arduino and a DHT11 Temperature Sensor

In this project, I'd like to learn about Arduino and in order to do that I'll be building a project that controls an aircon.

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Room Temperature Control with Arduino, DHT11, and 16x2 LCD Display

This project is an enhancement to my previous project which was about controlling room temperature in order to save on electric bills while learning the basics about Arduino.

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LM386 Audio Amplifier

LM386 is a low voltage audio power amplifier that operates in 4V - 12V or 5V - 22V (depending on package type).

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